It is mandatory for our guests to have a PCR test (Covid19) 72 hours before their arrival in our country, according to T.R. laws.

Your health, welfare and safety are paramount when you stay at Sipahi Hotel.

We are closely monitoring the guidance of the World Health Organization regarding the spread of the virus.  Our focus is to ensure we meet our guest needs while doing our part to keep you, our associates, and our communities safe.

Rules and Regulations

  • Our guests are obliged to wear a mask inside the hotel (outside the room), otherwise there is a penalty during the control of government agencies,
  • During the check in of our guests, their body temperatures will be measured by our front desk staff,
  • Our guests will sit in the lobby and in the breakfast room in accordance with the distance rules,
  • It is obligatory for our guests to disinfect their hands using the disinfectant dispensers located at the entrance of the hotel and use a mask inside the hotel,
  • We ask all guests and staff to avoid direct contact and keep a safe distance. A minimum distance at the reception and other hotel areas should always be maintained,
  • Our group customers cannot stay together in each other’s rooms,
  • A special breakfast menu instead of open menu, which will be prepared in hygienic conditions, will be served to our guests by our staff.

Our commitment to hygiene and safety:

  • We inform guests about hygiene regulations at check-in.
  • We regularly train our employees in hygiene measures.
  • The spaces between seats and tables have been enlarged to ensure a minimum distance.
  • All rooms and public areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected according to tested hygiene regulations: The techniques for cleaning the guest rooms after each stay have been further intensified. A special attention is paid to areas with high points of contact, such as door handles, locks and bolts, light switches, desk surfaces, telephones, TV remote controls and handles of bathroom fittings.
  • Disinfectant dispensers containing disinfectants suitable for viruses are available in all public areas such as the lobby, entrances and public toilets.
  • Our tables are cleaned with disinfectant as soon as the table is no longer occupied and before a new guest uses the table.
  • Hygiene measures in public areas such as the reception, furniture and service items in the breakfast room were also increased.
  • Guests with symptoms of illness are asked to stay in the room and call a doctor via the reception desk.

In addition, we are taking steps to ensure the welfare of our associates. This includes:

  • Our employees regularly wash their hands thoroughly and use hand disinfectants.
  • We wipe and disinfect all workplaces regularly.
  • If employees or an immediate family member does not feel well, the order is to stay at home and clarify any medical condition before returning to work.

Should you have any questions about business trips, conferences or group trips, please contact us.

We are more than happy to help you 7/24.

Thank you for sharing healthy and happy Istanbul trip with us.

Suivant les decisions prises par notre etablissement concernant la pandemie covid-19 et ses repercussions sur la sante des voyageurs,

  • Il sera demande de nos invites, qu’il passent le test de covid-19.
  • Nous veillons, par intervalles reguliers, a la formation de notre personnel accompagnant, dans le domaine de l’hygiene. A la minute d’arrivee, notre personnel s’occupant des formalites de la reservation,va egalement prendre votre temperature.
  • Il est obligatoire pour nos invites; qu’ils desinfectent leurs mains en utilisant la machine prevue a cet effet a l’entree de l’hôtel et qu’ils utilisent des masques a l’interieur de l’hôtel.
  • Nos invites seront assis dans le lobby de l’hôtel suivant les regles de la distanciation sociale.
  • Les invites qui portent les symptômes sont pries de rester dans leurs chambres et il leur est demande qu’ils portent la situation a la connaissance de la reception pour que nos collegues appellent un medecin. Pour nos invites arrives en groupe; ils ne peuvent se retrouver a aucun moment, en aucune façon, a plusieurs dans leurs chambres respectives.
  • Suivant les regles specifiques d’hygiene mises en place; au lieu d’un petit-dejeuner classique (open-self service),il sera delivre a nos invites,des assiettes de petit-dejeuner personnalisees.

Nous vous remercions de partager votre venue a Istanbul

Avec nous,

En bonheur et en bonne sante.